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What is EQUELLA?

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EQUELLA is a digital repository that will provide a central platform to house Monash University’s teaching and learning content. EQUELLA is currently in use in a wide range of schools, universities, colleges, TAFEs, departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide. One instance of EQUELLA is in fact already being used at Monash University by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, and the library.

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Understanding EQUELLA terminology

EQUELLA resource

An EQUELLA resource is made up of two key elements: the content and the metadata.

EQUELLA item See ‘EQUELLA resource’
Content The 'guts' of the EQUELLA resource - the information, file, link, etc. that you want your students to see/ engage with.
Metadata The information that describes a particular piece of content. Metadata may include the title, author, units/courses to which the content is relevant, etc.
Contribution wizard The form into which you add metadata and content to create an EQUELLA resource.
Author An AUTHOR is an individual who created, wrote or developed the content (eg. file) included in the EQUELLA resource
Owner The OWNER is the individual responsible for creating and maintaining the EQUELLA resource (as opposed to the content that sits within it). The OWNER has read and write access to the resource.
Collaborator A COLLABORATOR is an individual that has been given read and write access to an EQUELLA resource by the OWNER.
EQUELLA collection

A specific grouping of EQUELLA resources. At Monash University, there is one collection per faculty (ie. the Faculty of Information Technology collection; the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences collection).

Each collection has its own contribution, its own set of wizard, its own set of users and its own permissions.

You can share EQUELLA resources across collections by setting access to ‘All of Monash’.

A contribution A new EQUELLA resource added to a particular collection
EQUELLA dashboard The EQUELLA homepage from which users can contribute and search for resources.
Version control

The management of changes to EQUELLA resources.

A new version of an EQUELLA resource must be created at the commencement of each new teaching period before any changes to the resource are made.

Return selections button A button you click to create links to the selected EQUELLA items to my Moodle unit
Moderation history A screen in EQUELLA that shows users the history of activity relating to a particular EQUELLA resource (ie. when the resource was created, when it was revised, when it was archived, etc.































Log into EQUELLA

1. Open your web browser and enter the URL for Monash University's EQUELLA interface (URL provided via email)

2. Enter your authcate username and password and click the Log in button.

3. The EQUELLA dashboard will appear in your browser - the key elements of the dashboard are highlighted below:



1 Contribute Click here when you want to add a resource to EQUELLA
2 Quick search Use the Quick search function when you want to do a quick keyword search for resources in EQUELLA
3 Search Click here when you want to do more advanced searching (eg. Searching for a resource within a particular University collection, with a particular ownder, of a particular type of file, etc.)
4 Browse resources Enables you to browse through the EQUELLA resources by Faculty, unit code or study area
5 Useful website Click here to be taken to the various external Monash University websites listed
6 My resources Click here to see a full listing of the resources you own within EQUELLA

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