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What is Moodle?

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Moodle is an open-source virtual learning environment used worldwide. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and is an environment where lecturers and students can interact, and also where students can interact and learn from and with each other. Due to its dynamic and open sourced nature, modules and support resources are constantly being developed and improved by and the user community.

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Moodle and Learning

Moodle supports online engagement and participation by students and effective teaching, with combinations of activities and resources, activity completion and conditional release. It is equally suited to managing large and small classes.

  • Collaborative learning: Forum (including anonymous Advanced forums,) Group assignment, Wiki, Glossary, Database, Messages
  • Self-paced learning: Conditional release, Lesson, Quiz, Content resources including File (images, PDF, video and audio), Book, URL, and more, Groups and Groupings
  • Personal, timely feedback: Flexible feedback options, Rubrics and Marking guides in Advanced grading, Activity completion, Conditional release, Marking workflow
  • Academic planning, reporting and collaboration: Hidden sections, Permissions, Forum, Wiki and conditional release, Marking workflow and Marker allocation, Grades

About Moodle at Monash

Monash currently uses Moodle version 3.1.

Help with using Moodle

  • Learning Topics Index: Learning Topics provide step by step instructions for using key Moodle features. For more information there are free resources online (see some recommended resources below.)
  • Training is provided by SDU from a basic introduction to Moodle through to advanced topics. Online and/or face-to-face training is available.
  • A Moodle Library guide and Moodle Quick Start Guide is available to assist students using Moodle. is Moodle Head Quarters' website, it contains documentation, community discussions, release notes and other useful resources.

  • Moodle 3.1 Documentation: an index of help topics for using Moodle
  • What's new in 3.1: a list of the new features in Moodle, including screen shots. Note that not all features are implemented in the Monash version of Moodle.


  • Moodle HQ: Overview of features, provides a description of the purpose of a feature rather than step by step instructions.
  • Mary Cooch: Mary is based in the UK, and works for Moodle. Step by step instructions and use cases for features.

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