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What is Moodle?



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Moodle is an open-sourced virtual learning environment. The name ‘Moodle’ is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Moodle is more than simply an online space for sharing files. It can be used to support more collaborative, social styles of learning and teaching.

Understanding the Moodle terminology

While Moodle and Blackboard have some fundamental differences, you will find approximate equivalences for some of the well-used features.

Name in BlackboardApproximate equivalent in Moodle
Build tab

Turn editing on

Student tab Switch role to... > Student
Teach tab Turn editing off
Discussions Forums
Announcements News Forum
Media Library Glossary
Selective Release Restrict Access and Conditional Activities (built within some Activities)
Groups and Groupings
Groups Groups and Groupings
Mail Messages
Web Links Add a resource > URL
Assessments Quiz
Gradebook Grades
Learning Modules Resources or Activities within Sections
Members Users















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