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Editing activity settings

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When editing is on, clicking on the edit icon (update) beside an activity will enable you to control the appearance and conditions of access to activities with these common settings.

 The settings at activity level works with the settings at unit level. Some may overwrite the settings at unit level, or others will not be available at activity settings level unless pre-set at unit settings level.

General settings

Activities share General settings including a title and, with the exception of Attendance and Lesson modules, a description or summary. Some activities have module-specific additional fields under General Settings that are described in the relevant entries.

  1. You will have access to General settings when you initially create an activity, and from the Edit Settings link in the Administration block. When editing these fields, note that the header displays the type of activity and the section in which it is located. Field names in red and marked with a red asterisk are required.

    activity general settings

  2. The name you supply here will appear in the link to the activity.

Common Module settings

These settings are used with groups and groupings and control the visibility of the resource. At unit setting level, you will need to set the Groups to be visible or separate to use this option at resource setting level (see Edit unit settings).

With advanced options (click show advanced options), visibility of a resource for groups and groupings may be set:

settings common module

  1. In the Grouping field, select the group or grouping the activity will be restricted to.

    Note: Check Available for group members only if you want to hide the activity from students who are not members of any group.

  2. The Visible field may be set to Show or Hide the activity. This performs the same function as the eye icon (hide icon) that appears beside the activity in the unit home page.

    Activities that are 'hidden' with this setting will not be displayed to the students. To apply conditional access, set this to Show, and control visibility with Restrict access settings, including Hide activity entirely.

  3. You can uniquely identify the activity by assigning an ID number. This is useful if the activity is to be linked to the grade book.

Restrict Access settings

You are also able to limit access to activities based on date or grade criteria:

Resources: Restrict Access

  1. To set date restrictions check the Enable box beside either the opening or closing date, then specify the date using the calendar. If either of these are disabled the respective access will be open ended.

  2. To set Grade conditions select the grade book field and the minimum and maximum grades needed to meet the creiteria. Additional grade conditions may be set. The activity will only allow access when ALL grade conditions are met.

  3. Select the appearance of restricted access activities. Activities that are hidden will only appear when all restriction conditions are met.


  • Restricted access timing based on dates starts and ends at midnight.
  • Activities that are Hidden in common module settings will remain hidden even when Restrict Access conditions are met.

Suggestions on how to use this tool:

  • Control conditional release of resources using grade book conditions to create a self-paced learning environment
  • Manage multi-campus or multi-group units.

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