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Submitting an assignment

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Submitting an assignment in Moodle may involve uploading of a single file or multiple files, copying and pasting from a Word document or typing directly into a text editor, or simply reviewing the instructions in Moodle but completing the assignment outside of Moodle.

Understand how Moodle assignments work

Assignments in Moodle are preceded by the assignment icon (assignments icon). Your lecturers may create different types of assignments that will require you to do the following:

  • Upload a single file
  • Upload multiple files
  • Respond to an online assignment by typing your answers directly into a text editor (see Using the HTML or Text Editor in Moodle). 
  • Complete an assignment offline or outside Moodle but read the instructions within an assignment link created in Moodle

Assignments are directly linked to the Grades page in Moodle, so once your lecturer has marked your submission, you will be able to view it directly on the assignments page.

In some instances, you may be able to edit your submission prior to submitting it for marking. But this is highly dependent on how your lecturer set up a particular assignment. Each assignment may very well have different instructions and requirements, so make sure you read the instructions carefully before attempting to submit your assignments.

Complete or submit an assignment

To submit an assignment in Moodle:

  1. In your Moodle unit, click on the assignment link (preceded by the assignment icon assignments icon) you would like to complete.

    assignment links
    Note: If your lecturer has made the Activities block available, you can also click on the assignments link there to access all your assignments for the unit.

    assignments in activities block
  2. Read the instructions carefully and then proceed to complete the assignment.
  3. Once you are ready, then click the button to submit or upload your assignment.

    Note: This button may be different for various assignments. For more information, see Understand how Moodle assignments work

    In some assignments, you may only be allowed to upload one file. If you need to submit two files, for example an assignment coversheet file and the actual assignment file, you can upload them as a zipped file (files that have been compressed inside a folder using a file compressor program, e.g. Winzip application for Windows, installed in your computer). For more information about zipped files, check out MS Office 'Zip or unzip a file' help page for PC users (opens in a new window), or, How to Compress (Zip) Files and Folders for Macs (opens in a new window).

Edit or resubmit an assignment

If your submitted assignment has not been marked yet, you may be able to edit or resubmit an assignment. But this will still depend on the settings created by your lecturer for a particular assignment task. To do this, click on the assignment link you wish to edit and check if there is a resubmission link or button. If there is no link or button that will allow you to edit or resubmit an assignment, you will need to communicate directly with your lecturer for assistance.

View my assignment marks or feedback from my lecturer

Each assignment is linked to the Grades page and will show your mark or feedback as soon as your lecturer has made them. To learn how you can view your assignment marks, see Viewing your grades.

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