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Turnitin Learning Topics

The Moodle Turnitin plugin 2.0 was been enabled on 22 - 23 November, 2014.  You might notice some minor changes to the interface, please see the Learning Topics for information about how to use Turnitin.

For more Turnitin help visit our FAQs page.

Here are some key learning topics to help you get started with Turnitin. 

AboutCreateRead and NavigateCommunicateVideos
What is Turnitin

What is Academic Integrity


Create a Turnitin assignment

Advanced options
Interpreting an Originality Report
Comments and feedback

What is Academic Integrity? What is Turnitin?

Considerations before using Turnitin

Choosing settings for Turnitin

Interpreting Similarity (Originality) Reports

Tips for Success

More Information


Known Issues

Turnitin Overview Presentation

Turnitin Questions and Answers from Training Sessions

If you or one of your students use assistive software and are having difficulty accessing Turnitin, please contact the Disability Liaison Unit


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